Neco Sententia

Acts of Desperation Pt. 1

Archimedes gets a message that he has a parcel waiting at the Dreamnet depot. _ asks him to inform Porthos, if he should see him, that he has had a parcel waiting for almost 2 weeks. Archimedes’ package turns out to be a severed, blue human eye. The enclosed note, slightly sticky with teary gore, reads: “You must soon bear witness. Testify” Occam’s Razor is drawn into a search for Porthos. Quantum is shortly able to find a clue by pulling the threads of Arcadia, sensing Porthos’ location and seeing some disturbing oracular images in the process. Upon seeking out the location, Porthos is indeed in the apartment and, though the tableau is bathed in dusk light, the scene is much the same as Quantum’s vision. Atlantean runes are cast in sharpie one various surfaces surrounding the crucified form of Porthos. Several tense experimental minutes later, Archimedes quashed a powerful Geas binding Porthos’ tongue and dangerously compelling his actions. Porthos explains that his assailant was a blonde woman in glasses who curtly bent his will. Quantum was able to identify a trace of the woman’s blood which Archimedes collected. That night, Tesla dreamed of her. She awoke from a fairy tale sleep, screaming. She considers a knife to her wrist and an aged book. She opts for the book. Again in her fairy tale garb, she implores a monarch on his throne. Quantum runs into Jomini, who acts strangely hot and cold but offers him a token gift of tass. His journal later reports a confusing summary of this meeting. Porthos reports to Occam’s Razor that his package contained a severed hand. Daimyo calls a consilium caucus to ascertain the fate of the awakened hands of Vancouver. All hands appear to be on deck, though Nexus offers his opinion that the hand owner is awakened or involved with mages due to the presence of a powerful space ward. On a lead from the Caucus, Occam’s Razor pays a visit to the Thule Inheritor sanctum to see Plutarch, a powerful Mastigos. The wizened warlock acquiesces and topples the ward surrounding the hand owner leading them to Bowen Island.


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